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HRT HeadStreamer   


CIJENA: 1.090,00 kn
               145,33 Eur

HRT HeadStreamer USB-powered Headphone DAC/Amplifier.
Product Description
With its high performance asynchronous USB transceiver, digitally controlled analog attenuator coupled to an OCL amplifier, the HeadStreamer provides a state of the art listening experience. All power requirements for the HeadStreamer are supplied from the USB bus, operation is simple, just plug into any available USB port and in a matter of seconds, you will be ready to experience a level of sound that will astonish even the most discerning listener. With its jitter free interface, the HeadStreamer will transform your computer into a better than CD quality source. Utilizing native Audio Class 1.0 drivers (present in all modern PC, Mac & Linux computers) there are no drivers nor software to install. Simply connect it to your computer via the included USB cable, select the HeadStreamer and you are ready to go. LED indicators show the current sample rate (32k, 44k1, 48k, 88k2 & 96k) as well as the state of the mute circuit; you will always know at a glance your systems operating mode. High Resolution Technologies' UpStream utility allows the HeadStreamer to be updated right from the computer's desktop in a matter of seconds(Asynchronous transfer for jitter free performance).


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