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Wadia Intuition 1  



Wadia has advanced its tradition of progressive technology and industrial design, to deliver a product with the utmost in performance and aesthetics while also being environmentally conscious. Intuition focuses on the digital inputs, with 192 kHz/24 bit resolution for Coax, optical and AES and 384 kHz/32 bit via USB. There are also two analog inputs. At the heart of the digital decoding is a high resolution, 32 bit AD/DA digital preamp with a 1.5 MHz sampling frequency. The 350 watt, high efficiency power amplifier is capable of driving any loudspeaker. Its design is proudly made in Italy.

• High power output and excellent current delivery
• High resolution USB input: 384 kHz/32 bit
• Native DSD playback via USB

The Intuition 01 utilizes an innovative implementation of Wadia's celebrated Digimaster algorithm, the Delta-SigMaster (the original Digimaster was a groundbreaking design created over two decades ago). Delta-SigMaster is a 1.536 MHz upsampling algorithm (FIR 1.200 taps) far superior to standard industry practices, as well as the previous Wadia Delta-Sigma implementation. The ESS 9018 SabreDAC provides the decoding horsepower delivering effortless musical performance. Technology, musicality and stunning design combined in a component destined to become an instant classic: Intuition by Wadia.

TECHNICAL Specification:

Power :
350W + 350W 4 Ohm (1%THD EIAJ)
190W + 190W 8 Ohm (1%THD EIAJ)

1.536 MHz Wadia Delta-SigMaster 32 bit upsampling algorithm

Digital to analog:
32bit ESS 9018

Frequency response
3hz - 45khz (-3db) for 1w @ 8 ohm

113dbA (20-20k hz A weighted)

below 1pS RMS

Distortion :
< 0,005% (THD, DIM, SMPTE)

7 Digital Inputs
1xUSB, 1xTOSLINK Optical, 2xWadialink(I2S), 1xAES/EBU,
2x Coaxial S/PDIF (RCA)

Analog Inputs:
2x Analog (RCA)

380 mm X 380 mm X 60 mm (15" X 15" X 2 3/8")

6 Kg (13.2 lbs)


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