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Devialet 400 Mono

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Devialet 400 Mono   

Devialet 400 Mono Integrated Amplifier-DACs

2×400 Watts 6Ω
THD + noise 0.00025%
Signal-to-noise ratio: 133 dB
Devialet AIR universal streamer (Wi-Fi and Ethernet)
Asynchronous bi-directional USB (for vinyl digitisation)
Optical inputs (TOS and TOS mini)
Configurable coaxial connectors:
Line or advanced phono stage (MM/MC)
Digital inputs
Mono pre-amplified analogue output (for subwoofer)
Stereo pre-amplified analogue output (for audio headphones)
Coaxial digital output (for digitizing vinyl)
AES/EBU input
X 2

May be chained together (up to 8 units)
1 Devialet Expert – Le 400
One master unit
One companion unit
1 Expert Remote (3 AAA LR03 1.5V batteries)
2 power cables – adapted to the country
One Crystal Cable interdevice linking cable
One mini jack cable
User’s manual for Devialet Expert – master unit
User’s manual for Devialet Expert – companion unit
2 warranty booklets (5 years)
2 microfiber cloths
2 pairs of gloves for handling


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